How to Take Care of Yourself While You Sleep How to Take Care of Yourself While You Sleep

How to Take Care of Yourself While You Sleep

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Some good care habits have their place at night.

Is your morning routine running like clockwork? Great: we can never stress enough the importance of adopting good habits. But if you’re pressed for time or something comes up, it's always possible that you might skip some parts.

So switching these to the evening, before bedtime, could be quite useful. Of course, after returning from dinner (or the pub) with friends, the idea might seem challenging, but it can actually be the best time to take care of yourself and relax. We take a look at a few habits that could become part of your bedtime routine, so you wake up in the best possible way.

Take care of your face

After a day exposed to the elements and the various challenges of city life (especially pollution), your face is dirty. It's therefore pretty logical to clean it at this time of day, with a suitable cleanser, of course. You'll go to bed with a clean face and avoid leaving impurities sitting around on your skin for too long.

The evening can also be the best time to exfoliate your skin or apply a mask. You'll have all the time you need for a thorough treatment in front of the TV.

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Obviously, the night can also be an opportunity to apply a supplementary treatment. Night creams are particularly useful for deeply moisturizing your skin. The fruit oils in our Rich Face Moisturizer have a hydrating effect that allows you to wake up with (truly) fresher and (truly) softer skin. It works for you while you sleep. Magic!

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Wash your hair

Some men like to wash their hair in the mornings. The hot (or cold, depending on personal preference) water on their scalp usually helps them wake up.

However, this is not the ideal time to take care of your hair, whether it's shampoo or conditioner. There are two reasons for this: first, by washing your hair in the evening, you give your follicles time to produce some of the natural sebum present on your hair. The next morning, they'll already look much closer to the idea you have of a good hairstyle, rather than being flat.

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The second reason is purely practical: in the evening, you usually have more time and can afford to take a long shower without risking being late for work.

Also note that by going to bed with clean hair, you avoid dirtying your pillows. Many blackhead problems can come from dirty cushions that you rub your cheeks on.

Look after your hands

Do you take care of your hands by moisturizing them regularly? If yes, then there’s you're on the right track - and you know it already! However, it’s not always practical to apply hand moisturizing balm at the office or if you have a busy day. Why not apply yours before bedtime? It seems unlikely that you'll need to shake hands when you’re under your duvet.

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Hydrate your skin

As with your hands, night is a very good time to apply a moisturizer to the rest of your body. This way, you won't risk staining your white shirts, while also ensuring that your skin stays perfectly hydrated. It’s particularly great if you’re dealing with dry skin.

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By adopting these good habits, you'll wake up refreshed the next morning. It’s practical, in case you decide to hit snooze on your alarm. Enjoy that lie-in, you earned it.