&Horace - Eau de Parfum 50ml

84% ingredients of natural origin


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Woody. Fresh. Truly you.

& Horace invites you to celebrate those personal details that reveal who you truly are without worrying about what others think. Rich in base notes, this eau de parfum matches your skin to create a scent that's unique to you. Its woody, soft, fresh trail has a touch of spiciness that follows you all day long in all subtlety.

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This woody and fresh scent adapts perfectly to your own personal scent.
&Horace from Horace is the ultimate fragrance for those who want to stand out.
Its first impression stays pretty much consistent from first spritz until bedtime.

Olfactory family: Fresh oriental woody

Bergamot & White Pepper

Top notes:
lively & fresh

Bergamot & White Pepper

Iris & Cedarwood

Heart notes:
sweet & sensual

Iris & Cedarwood

Tobacco & Sandalwood

Base notes:
warm & comforting

Tobacco & Sandalwood

Be who you are,

There are as many ways to be a man as there are men.

The &Horace Eau de Parfum celebrates those who are unapologetically themselves and who display their uniqueness without worrying about society's standards.

These liberated men are brought to the foreground thanks to the work of British artist Joe Cruz. His work highlights those details that make each person unique to better express them.

Its story

&Horace is all about versatility: fresh and woody, day and night, sweet and spicy. Like a garment of clothing, it's like a beautiful piece that's easy to wear every day. It's made for the man who is genuinely himself without worrying about conforming for others.

Its notes

&Horace opens with fresh and spicy top notes combining bergamot and white pepper. Its heart notes of iris and cedarwood offer a feeling of softness and sensuality. Lastly, the richness of its base notes, tobacco and sandalwood, creates a soft and comforting cocoon.

Its bottle

&Horace comes in a simple, easy-to-grip bottle with Horace's signature blue metallic cap. It's neat and customisable with your name thanks to its included stickers.

How to
apply perfume

On your skin

Spray your pulse points (your neck, wrists, and behind the ears).

On your clothes

Spray your clothes at a 10cm distance.

(1489 review(s))
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