How to choose the right products carefully

How to choose the right products carefully


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Treat your skin gently.

We often receive questions from customers regarding their skin. Whether by email (you can contact us at [email protected]) or on our socials, we’ve heard time and time again that many of you are wondering about the effects of the products you use on the daily, and if they’re actually matching up to your skin’s needs. So we decided to share why gentle pH-balancing skincare is the obvious choice. It might be time to get rid of your big box of toiletries and some of your drugstore products.

Products that are too aggressive may irritate your skin

In supermarkets, products, especially those for men, are often characterised by poor-quality ingredients. They’re often loaded with mineral oil, which is derived from petroleum. Mineral oils are synthetic and have an occlusive effect on the skin. Widely used by large retailers because it’s less expensive, it tends to clog pores with its large molecules that have difficulty passing the skin barrier. Instead, we recommend favouring natural botanical oils.

What’s more, these drugstore products often contain highly improbable fragrances, from classic pine to the famous “ocean” scent. These cheaply added fragrances contain allergens which can cause your skin to react.

Supermarket products are also strangely very versatile: many are 3-in-1 products, presented as suitable for the face, body, and hair. If in football, a player who can cover several positions is very useful to a team, in grooming, it’s better to be wary of it and prefer specifically targeted products for more efficiency.

It's all about pH

The pH of your skin is very delicate. Your skin’s pH is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. Normal skin has a pH of 6.5. Anything below that is too acidic and your skin will feel dry. If it’s above 6.5 it’s too alkaline, so expect your skin to feel oily.

Using skincare products that regulate your pH helps to regulate the acidity of your skin so that it reaches a pH of 6.5.

No more dry and oily skin: thanks to these products, you’ll reach the category of normal skin possessors. Address the causes, not just the consequences.

Choose balancing and gentle products

Gentle products can benefit everyone, not just sensitive skin types. As a rule of thumb, all gentle skincare is generally known to be more effective on your skin, whether the product’s purpose is to cleanse, exfoliate or moisturise.

Take the example of a cleanser. If it’s too aggressive, your skin risks being stripped dry, while if you choose a gentle face wash, you can keep its hydrolipidic film barrier intact like our Purifying Face Cleanser, which is essential for good skin health and protection. See your skin as a small animal: to make it happy, treat it gently.

The same goes for Exfoliating Soap Bar. A natural exfoliating sponge that’s paired with a gentle cleanser works to remove dead skin much more effectively than an overly aggressive exfoliating product would. Exfoliating too aggressively will stimulate your sebaceous glands, causing your skin to produce even more sebum to recompensate for it. You then risk the outbreak of acne and blackheads from clogging your pores with all the excess sebum. You're past the age of that stuff.

Similarly, with regard to moisturiser, the use of a Rich Face Moisturiser is also encouraged for all skin types: rather than simply treating the consequences of your skin type, you can directly address the root of most skin issues and regulate the pH of your skin. For flawless skin in all circumstances.

Now you’re ready to make the right choice. That of gentleness.

Stay gentle

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