Natural grooming for all men

At Horace, our natural products are co-created by you. We hear what you need,
and we formulate the treatment.
This is why our products are reliable, easy to use,
and good for all skin, complexions and hair types.

To take proper care of you, our treatments are between 95% and 100% natural

To take proper care of you, our treatments are between 95% and 100% natural

Inside, there are simple no-frills formulas.
All ingredients are handpicked for their effectiveness and origin.
And there are even those
we chose NOT to use.

What’s in our products?

Take care of yourself
We’re listening

Our products are made for you, with you. You know what works. So together with customers, we test the products before they are released. This way, we are sure to create care worthy of your life and your bathroom cabinet.

Take care of yourself <br />We’re listening

Want to participate
in testing
Horace products?

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Questions or tips?
Horace is here to help.

We can assist you in many different ways.

From guides and videos on Instagram and Youtube

to our journal, and chat.

or always boutiques,
with our helpful teams.

You are our most
handsome models

Horace does all it can to make you feel understood.
The men who model our products are men just like you. And just like us.

Horace fait un beau geste pour la planète

Horace does what
it can for the planet

we use minimal packaging with recyclable materials
to take care of the planet,
as well as you.

Our commitment
Soins naturels pour tous les hommes

When we launched Horace,
we wanted to create a brand
that all of our friends and family
could relate with.
Whether they are beginners
or long-time users,
whatever their skin colour
or body type, and whether,
they are bearded or bald.
Everyone has the right
to feel good about themselves –
and you know more than
anyone what is good for you.

Marc & Kim,
co-founders of Horace

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