Top 50 hairstyles in World Cup History (50 to 41)

Top 50 hairstyles in World Cup History (50 to 41)


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Words Matthieu Morge-Zucconi

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Beards, hairstyles, tattoos... here are the most outstanding styles sported by professional footballers!

The World Cup has started! Throughout the tournament, we'll bring you our top 50 looks from the history of the World Cup. After a weekend of Germany losing, Brazil drawing and France winning by a thread, we will reveal the bottom 10.

50. David Beckham at the 2002 World Cup

David Beckham needs no introduction. In his 21-year career, which took him from Manchester United to Paris, Preston and then Real Madrid, the Englishman has donned a wide range of haircuts, making him one of the most stylish football players in history. However, at the 2002 World Cup, he opted for quite an interesting hairstyle: a bleached Mohawk. This was not enough to carry England beyond the quarterfinals, where they were eliminated by Brazil, who went on to win the World Cup.

49. Andrea Pirlo at the 2006 World Cup

In 2006, Pirlo went through a difficult period in his career: after losing a Champions League final to Liverpool in 2005, he seriously considered quitting football. At the 2006 World Cup, he chose not to make any waves, except for his natural hair. Clean-shaven, with his mid-length hair blowing in the wind, Pirlo stood out in the tournament, providing three assists and scoring a penalty in the final. And Italy, as we know, was awarded the trophy in Berlin.

48. Emmanuel Petit at the 1998 World Cup

When discussing football, the World Cup and hair blowing in the wind, Emmanuel Petit is the first person who springs to mind. . In 1998, the French midfielder sported an amazing blonde ponytail, clearly well-nourished thanks to conditioner. Petit shone as brightly as his hair, even scoring France's third goal in the final. A true champion!

47. Rodrigo Palacio at the 2014 World Cup

A fearsome striker who made a splash in Italy, Palacio was also the only player who chose to sport a rat’s tail at the World Cup. With a shaved head and a small braid hanging down the back of his neck, Palacio’s haircut was the talk of twitter throughout the entire month of June, before missing a decisive opportunity in the final.

46. Guillermo Ochoa at the 2014 World Cup

Former AC Ajaccio goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa came to prominence at the 2014 World Cup, proving to be unbeatable in a Brazil-Mexico game that ended 0-0. He was just as impressive as his curly head of locks held in place with a black headband. This Mexican hero definitely didn’t want to miss the ball, due to a misplaced lock of hair!

45. Alexi Lalas at the 1994 World Cup

At the 1994 World Cup in his native USA, Alexi Lalas gained notoriety for his medium-length, curly hair and red beard. He was the driving force behind the American team that was eliminated in the eighth round, the first American to play in the top tier of the Italian league before being crowned American Footballer of the Year in 1995. A true success!

44. Paul Gascoigne at the 1990 World Cup

A legendary player for England in the 1990s, Gazza arrived at the World Cup in Italy with a skin fade, an impeccable style that was remarkably reflective of his era - and still quite wearable today. Short shorts, a smile on his face and socks at his ankles: Gascoigne would perfectly fit in at a Wham! concert in Marbella. Normal for a man who has a gold record to his name, which he also won in 1990. A real artist!

43. Zbigniew Boniek at the 1986 World Cup

Sporting curly hair and a thick moustache, the Polish captain, who was playing for AS Roma after a successful spell with Juventus, was one of the most elegant players at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Unfortunately, his elegance was not enough to carry Poland into the quarterfinals, as they were beaten 4-0 by Brazil.

42. Johnny Rep at the 1978 World Cup

Hero of European finalist Bastia, Johnny Rep also stood out thanks to his simple, yet effective style at the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. With his medium-length hair, a fringe swept across his forehead and his long-sleeved shirt, Johnny Rep could have easily been taken for a member of a 1970s English rock band. Unfortunately, the Netherlands failed to reach the finals for the second time in a row and Johnny Rep became the subject of a Mickey 3D song. A hard pill to swallow!

41. Romania at the 1998 World Cup

It's impossible to tell them apart: all the Romanian players on the 1998 team deserve their spot in this ranking! Why? Because the entire team arrived at the French tournament with bleached hair. With their new hairdo, they were able to stand out and get to the 16th round when Croatia eliminated them.

We’ll get back to you soon for the rest of this ranking!
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