Castor oil: what does it do? Castor oil: what does it do?

Castor oil: what does it do?

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Words Matthieu Morge-Zucconi

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Let’s talk about the miracle oil you can find in our beard care range.

We often heard about it: castor oil is the miracle remedy for hair growth, hair loss, and healthy nails. For beards, this oil’s reputation is well-established. This is why we decided to use it when creating our beard care range.

A miracle ingredient?

Let’s be honest: there’s no proof that castor oil will actually make your beard grow. A bare chin won’t sprout a full beard overnight after a few drops of castor oil.

On the other hand, black castor oil is known to nourish hair, giving it t body and volume. This is why, after using it, your beard will look and feel fuller. It’s not a miracle, but it is undeniably fortifying. Your beard grows thicker and stronger, which isn’t a bad start.

One ingredient, multiple benefits

Castor oil has been used by humans for centuries, and not just for beard growth. In addition to promoting the growth of stronger hair, it can also help our nails grow stronger and healthier (useful if you enjoy playing the guitar), and deeply nourish the hair on our heads. Its moisturising properties make it especially popular for those with dry hair or as a solution to dry, split ends.

In short, if a thicker, stronger, resistant beard is what you’re looking for, castor oil is a good place to start.

How we use castor oil

We decided to use castor oil in our beard care range. Black castor oil, specifically. This variant is particularly famous for fortifying and volumising hair. It also nourishes and will leave the hairs of your beard softer and less irritating to yourself and others.

In our beard shampoo, black castor oil helps soften hair and leave your beard nice and shiny. In our beard oil, it strengthens it, and helps make it thicker.

It’s the ingredient your beard needs.

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