How to no longer look tired How to no longer look tired

How to no longer look tired


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Say goodbye to red eyes, dark circles, and dull skin! Read on to learn how to get rid of signs of fatigue.

Nobody likes getting told they look tired. Unfortunately, and as reported in a study by the University of Stockholm, lack of sleep combined with a hectic lifestyle can have direct consequences on the way you look. When compared to well-rested subjects, sleep-deprived ones were described as looking “paler, more wrinkled, and with more dark circles”. As such, they also looked less happy, less attractive, and less healthy. To help avoid looking like the living dead, we’ve gathered some advice below that goes beyond a good night’s sleep in a comfy bed.

Exfoliate to avoid dull skin

There’s nothing better than a face scrub to revive dull or waxy-looking skin. Ours contains murumuru seeds extracted from a Brazilian palm tree fruit. Use it in the morning instead of your regular cleanser to gently remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, stimulate cell renewal and microcirculation. Its murumuru butter will nourish your skin and protect it from dehydration, and its antioxidant-rich malted barley will make your skin glow. The combination of these ingredients ensures our scrub is as gentle as can be, so much so that you can use it up to three times a week! Apply the scrub in circular motions, not only will this remove impurities, but it will reinvigorate your skin and leave it looking brand new. Paleness will no longer be an issue.

The difference between dark circles and under-eye bags

Your eyes can also quickly show how tired you are. Indeed, lack of sleep leads to poor blood flow, which in turn leads to dark or blueish circles under the eyes. As the skin around your eyes is 5 times thinner than it is on the rest of your face, stagnating blood is very visible. Dark circles, which look hollow due to their colour are not to be confused with under-eye bags. The latter look swollen due to a fat or water build-up around the eyes and slackening skin. Bags are mainly caused by the skin’s aging but can be aggravated by tiredness.

Awaken your eyes with contour care

Eye contour care products such as ours can help prevent both dark circles and under-eye bags. The caffeine it contains visibly reduces dark circles and bags, while its hyaluronic acid smooths and softens your skin. Applying our Moiturizing Eye Cream on a daily basis by gently tapping around your eye with your ring finger will also help stimulate blood flow and improve the product’s effectiveness. The must? The reusable metal applicator immediately refreshes and decongests the eye area. To instantly diminish the appearance of dark circles, complete your routine with our Concealer to give a healthy glow.

Moisturizing Eye Cream
Anti-Dark Circle and Anti-Puffiness Duo

On very bad days, you can also resort to eye patches. Their intensive action will provide impressive results. Leave them on under your eyes for approximately 20 minutes. If you want to make the active ingredients they contain even more effective, store your patches in the fridge. Indeed, exposure to cold is a decongestant, in other words, it helps stimulate blood flow. If you haven’t got any patches handy, green tea bags soaked in cold water or cucumber slices can do the trick. Simply leave them on your eyes to awaken your tired gaze. Consider it a home-made spa break!

Blue drops to avoid red eyes

After a day spent in front of the computer, a memorable night out, or a combination of both, the whites of your eyes might be worse for wear. Dried out by tiredness and/or exposure to blue light from screens, your eyes find themselves strewn with several unsightly blood vessels. To avoid looking like an albino rabbit, we recommend rinsing out your eyes with saline solution.

Better still, a dedicated formula such as Innoxa Blue Drops will reduce signs of eye fatigue such as tingling, tightness and redness. This blend of different soothing floral waters also contains methylene blue to ensure your eyes no longer get bloodshot. Beyond the aesthetic effect alone, this solution really relieves dry eyes, and as such is a go-to product for your desk drawer. If you’re a frequent flyer, use these drops after long haul flights. Red eye flights by name only!

While nothing will ever beat a good night’s sleep, a face scrub for glowing skin, a moisturizing eye cream for dark circles, and drops for your eye whites come a close second!

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