How to look good again after a cold?

How to look good again after a cold?

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Horace’s editorial tea answers an essential question of selfcare.

Winter is here. So are bacteria and viruses, others than covid. You've caught a bad cold that hasn't done your skin and complexion any good. Irritation, runny eyes, stuffed nose, they all leave their mark. On the morning of your return to the open space, you cheerfully greet your colleagues. But they look worried and back away. Even hidden behind a scarf and a FFP2 mask, it's obvious: you look bad. You look like someone who has spent several nights in apnea, unrolling miles of paper towels after having emptied all the packets of tissues. We will help you to look good again, defying all viruses.

Bad complexion and dehydrated skin

Faced with the reaction of your colleagues, doubt assails you: has this week's cold really been so hard on your face? To be sure, you look at your reflection in the bathroom and the mirror is clear. You've seen better days. Greyish complexion, redness around the nose, chapped lips... When you blow your nose, the friction makes the skin sensitive and encourages the appearance of blackheads. As bad news never come alone: colds and certain medical treatments dehydrate your skin.

A little sweetness and a lot of water

What to do about it? When you wake up in the morning, remember to cleanse your face with a gentle purifying cleanser to remove bacteria and tissue build-up. When drying, instead of rubbing, gently pat your face with a towel - this will prevent further irritation.

The next step is moisturising. First, soothe your skin with our Tonic Lotion before applying Horace Rich Face Moisturiser. It soothes the skin, refreshes it and tightens your pores. The shea butter in our moisturiser will nourish your skin without smothering it. AHAs, derived from papaya, gently remove dead skin cells that may have settled during your illness. Gently massage to promote blood circulation and restore pinkness to your cheeks. During the first few days after a cold, avoid grainy scrubs - they may damage your skin a little more.

What else? Drink, drink, drink... water! Before getting back into shape and happy hours, cheers with a jug of water, herbal teas and other infusions. The important thing is to decongest your body to eliminate toxins. Reboot accomplished!

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