How to stop touching your face

How to stop touching your face

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Photos Rachelle Simoneau

Words Camille Claudet

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This banal gesture is damaging your skin on a daily basis, and your health. Here are our tips to quit.

Bad habit

Science says on average we touch our face 23 times per hour when you are awake. So this means you are touching your face, we are because we all do, 368 times per day if you sleep 8 hours. It’s a lot, a LOT! Science says we start this habit in the womb. Bad habits die hard, especially when you start this early. Touching your face is a reflex, sometimes a soothing one when you are stressed, consciously or not. You touch your eyes because you are tired, your forehead because you have a headache. So many reasons to do it!

Hands off!

Touching your face is really a bad habit. Your hands touch everything from your keyboard, to your food and your phone. It’s full of germs and bacteria. When touching your face, you are basically moving them from your hands to your face. Unlike your hands, you do not wash your face 5 times a day (do you?). This leads to blemishes, irritations, you name it. The more you do it, the higher the probability you end up with blemishes and blackheads because the sebaceous glands are poked again and again. And then, here comes the shiny face.

Life-saving techniques

Wash your hands regularly

First things first, wash your hands each time you go to the bathroom, even when it’s just to pee. Wash your hands after each lunch. Wash them properly: take 1 good minute and wash all your fingers, in-between them, and up to your wrist.


Releasing stress is important. The Jacobson method is useful to avoid touching your face. If you feel you need to touch a certain area of your face, simply contract the muscle of this area and release it. Repeat as long as needed. Nice and easy.

Use tissues

This does not imply crying. Use tissues as barrier between your fingers and your face. Tissues are clean and disposable. You might just need a lot of them, and the planet might not be that happy about it.

The medical way

Wear a mask, just like when it was Covid. It prevents you from touching your face. We all found ways to do it back then, maybe you can do it again. Remember to change your mask every 3 hours.

The radical way

Cover your face entirely, with a baklava or anything. It’s super efficient even tuhough not really practical. And all the efforts you put in having a healthy glow no longer matter when you do this. Is worth it?

Use stress ball

Buying and using a stress ball can help your hands stay busy. The more they are, the less they touch your face.

The connected way

Use to analyze your movements. Then you will be notified to avoid the bad habit of touching your face. Smart.

Now you have plenty of ideas to stop touching your face. We tried them all. Honestly, best is to wash your hands regularly. It’s easy and it works!

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