How to tame rebellious hair How to tame rebellious hair

How to tame rebellious hair

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It’s time to charm your rebellious hair! Here’s how to do it, whether your hair is normal or oily. Read on!

Ah the morning routine of taming your hair. It’s all over the place, and impossible to fix with a comb. Or you succeed and it falls back into a style you don’t want. At Horace, it’s a challenge that we all discuss regularly, so here are our top tips for taming your locks once and for all, whether your hair is normal or oily.


Normal vs oily hair - what’s the difference and why does it matter?

Knowing your hair type will help you to choose the right products, and also help you know how to use them properly.

Start with a simple test: 2 days after washing, run your fingers through your hair. If they feel a little oily or greasy after, then you have your answer. Oily hair is extremely common, and simply a result of excess sebum production. If you wash your hair every day, there’s a strong chance that it’ll become greasy, especially if your shampoo contains sulfates - a cleaning agent that’s known to also be an irritant. When too much sebum is removed, your scalp goes into overdrive and overproduces. It’s a vicious circle!

If you have normal hair, none of this concerns you. You’re one of the lucky ones in life, in the same way as having normal skin. Normal hair is simply hair that’s consistently in good condition and that is relatively easy to manage. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the most common. In fact, it’s often down to genetics.

Either way, wash your hair every 2-3 days with a gentle shampoo. Our Normal to Oily Hair Shampoo is ideal: it doesn’t contain sulfates so it’s gentle on your hair, but it does contain ginseng and rosehip extract to purify and regulate sebum production.


The importance of a good condition

You should definitely use a conditioner when your hair is more than 5cm long. But what does it do? Conditioner hydrates your hair, like moisturizer hydrates your skin. And well-hydrated hair is also well-protected hair, it’s easier to style, it gets greasy less quickly and (bonus!) you’ll rival a model from a ‘90s TV ad in your shininess.

Apply it after shampooing, massage into the ends of your hair and leave for 3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. By starting your shower with shampoo, then following with conditioner, you can wash your body and face in the time it takes the conditioner to really sink into your hair. Finish with a cold rinse, as this helps seal the cuticle and protect the hair further. Easy.

Go for a silicone-free conditioner, because silicone suffocates hair in the long-term, undoing all the immediate effects that the product may promise. That’s why our Normal to Oily Hair Conditioner doesn’t contain any silicone.

Finish this stage by allowing your hair to dry naturally, or with a hairdryer on the cool setting. This minimizes heat damage to your hair, keeping it in great condition.


Wax Pomade, the tamer of hair

To keep your hair styled all day long, you’re going to need a product that has a strong hold, but also one that doesn’t make your hair sticky, suffocated, or leave a residue. This is another way of saying that you can probably swerve supermarket gels and other products that aren’t great for your hair.

Go for natural wax that rinses out easily with clean water. Like our Wax Pomade, for example. For best use, warm up a dab of product between your hands then apply it to your hair, distributing well from root to tip. Focus on the most rebellious locks and then you’re ready!

Plenty of other styling products are also available - sprays, creams and so on. The important thing is to find the one that works for your hair and your style. You can always switch between a few, depending on the effect you’re looking for. Always look out for easy to rinse, silicone-free products that are designed to look after your hair. It’s the case with all of our styling products.

Here’s a video with one of our customers who’s trying out the 3 products we’ve mentioned. Check out the results:


Which hairstyle are you going for today?

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