The ultimate Father's Day gift guide The ultimate Father's Day gift guide

The ultimate Father's Day gift guide

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Every year, there's Father's Day. Every year, you need a new idea. So, to help once and for all, here's our ultimate Father's Day gift guide. 100% Horace, for dads who need a little pampering.


For the bearded dad

This one's a no-brainer. He's the dad with the inch-long beard. Whose kisses sting his partner, his children, in short, all the people in his life to whom he still kisses even after Covid. We have 3 Beard Oils, for 3 moods. Sweet Daddy will prefer Tobacco & Vanilla, Hiking Daddy Patchouli & Cedarwood, Mediterranean Daddy Lemon & Mint. Combined with the Beard Shampoo, you're guaranteed a clean, soft, sweet-smelling beard. A beard ready to give kisses!

For Papa Spa

The spa dad is the dad who likes to take care of himself. He knows all about products: scrubs, masks, serums, he's a specialist. At Horace, we've thought of him with our Complete Face Kit. It's a gourmet dinner for the skincare dad, a 5-course meal: cleanser, facial moisturizer, eye cream, scrub and mask. You know that as soon as he opens it, he'll disappear into the bathroom for a good hour of alone time. He'll come out with a fresh, satisfied face. Just like after a spa treatment.

The Complete Face Kit

For the modern dad

The modern dad is comfortable with his masculinity. He'll cry in front of a good movie, and wear pink if he feels like it. He's a dad who would love &Horace, our Eau de Parfum. At once sweet and woody, spicy and fresh, it's subtle and versatile, a cross between a masculine and feminine fragrance. For a dad at ease with who he is, his feminine and masculine sides, &Horace will be perfect to celebrate him.

For the novice dad

The beginner dad is the new dad who hasn't had much time yet. He's still adjusting to life with a child, and devotes more time to this new being than to himself. This is an opportunity to offer him a quick and easy routine to give him a chance to think about himself too. A 3-step routine: cleanser, moisturizer and scrub. It's our Face Kit, the best seller of best sellers, which has proved its worth and conquered the whole of France, and now the UK too. Give him a little time, a little at a time.

For the forward-thinking dad

This dad’s always thinking ahead. He organizes vacations, he gets the house sorted, he’s on his way to pick you up from the airport before you’ve even asked. Like a Scout, his motto is always be prepared. The same with his skincare - he takes care of himself, so he looks - and feels - good today and in the future. He’s been checking out our Firm Skin Duo. He’s already a fan of our Face Firming Gel, and he’s into the idea of our Bio-Retinol + Argireline® Peptide Serum for tackling fine lines, wrinkles and the appearance of dark spots. This time you can be one step ahead and get it for him for Father’s Day - before he buys it for himself!

Firm Skin Duo
Complete Firm Skin Kit

Happy Father's Day to all dads: solo daddy-o, with someone, 18 year-old or 98, they all deserve a day full of love!