Skepta and the ‘Tribal Mark’ cast talk grooming, French and of course ‘Tribal Mark’. Skepta and the ‘Tribal Mark’ cast talk grooming, French and of course ‘Tribal Mark’.

Skepta and the ‘Tribal Mark’ cast talk grooming, French and of course ‘Tribal Mark’.



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There are few artists who have achieved as much as Skepta. He is British music royalty, being the one who put UK hiphop and grime on the worldwide music map. Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr., aka Skepta, is multifaceted. He launched Mains, a clothing line at London Fashion Week, now available at the great Dover Street Market. Known for throwing block parties in London, blasting music from a van, Joseph is now foraying into the world of the cinema with its debut film, ‘Tribal Mark’.

At Horace, we’re happy to support this film. Why? Because Skepta rapped something meaningful to us on ‘Somebody’s Everything’: “As a wise lady once said, love the skin you're in. Because beauty has no rules.” and because he’s been using our products for a while now.

What is ‘Tribal Mark’ about? The story follows Mark (Jude Carmichael), a Nigerian immigrant who moves to London and is then introduced to the hidden world of the Black Secret Service. It’s intense, and the growing rage of the main character is only grounded thanks to its appeal for food.

As the premiere happened, we managed to catch the cast, Jude Carmichael, as well as Divine Echeazu who plays Simone, Tega Sean Ubiebi and of course Skepta to find out more. So read for all the details about the film from their perspectives, and of course some insights into their grooming routines!

Describe the film in 1 word.

Skepta: Engaging.
Divine Echeazu: Relatable.
Jude Carmichael: Authentic.
Tega Sean Ubiebi: Real.

What’s your favorite scene/quote?

Skepta: “Pain... Pain is the only true feeling in life.”
Divine: My favorite scene is when we’re all in the bedroom and Simone says “I’m obsessed with him and he’s obsessed with me.”
Jude: The intro scene to the Black Secret Service with the incredible voiceover by Adam Strawford.
Tega: When Mark’s mum comes in and everyone runs out because that’s real and relatable. Also when Mark and Troy are walking on the strip.

What’s the best personality trait of your character in the film?

Skepta: Mark is a leader, a true leader and provider, and that comes back around to bite him.
Divine: For Simone I’d say loyal. In the car scene she made sure to say “we” instead of just speaking straight to Troy, who’s the one that actually shot the bullet. It shows how tight they are and that she’s a rider.
Jude: Loyalty.
Tega: He defends what’s his and strikes when needed.

Do you think your character has a good grooming routine?

Skepta: Tribal Mark represents the upper echelons of society, and he matches this with his grooming routine. Tribal Mark has the best devices, cars, style, and will therefore have the same with grooming, which you will see more of in the feature film.
Divine: 100%, Simone’s makeup was 10/10.
Jude: He’s young and I don’t think he’s started yet, but as he gets older, maybe he’ll start.
Tega: Done by Shanice on set, she is the best!!

What’s your favorite Horace product and why?

Skepta: Horace Anti-Fatigue Under-Eye Patches
Divine: If I could use it I would say the Vitamin C + Glycolic Acid Serum (Editor’s note: You can use it, Divine!)
Jude: The Moisturizing Eye Cream because it’s a big part of my skin care routine.
Tega: Hyaluronic Acid + Panthenol Serum, it works really good on my skin.

What’s your top grooming tip for guys?

Skepta: Keep your under eyes fresh by hydrating them.
Jude: Washing your face with cold water. I also recommend cold showers!
Tega: Just look after yourself.

How does having a skincare routine help people to take care of themselves?

Skepta: It helps you by keeping you fresh ahead of a busy schedule.
Divine: As a female I feel very refreshed after I complete my routine. It’s pretty straightforward. Just a simple face wash and then a few serums after.
Jude: Lately for me it’s been having positive people around me that contributes to an all-round healthy lifestyle.
Tega: Gets you in the loop of the day and it makes you feel better.

You have great hair! How do you take care of it?

Divine: I don’t really have a routine, I kind of just go with the flow. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to achieve a hairstyle.
Jude: I don’t honestly but I need to start taking better care of it. I just wash it really, but I’ve been thinking about cutting it for a while.
Tega: Yari - Green Curls Ultra Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner.

What’s your favourite French word?

Skepta: “Pourquois pas”
Divine: “Bon appétit”, because I like to eat!
Jude: “Douceur”
Tega: “Poulet”

What’s next for you?

Skepta: Film wise, the Tribal Mark feature film.
Divine: I’m looking forward to the Tribal Mark series. From here I’m going focus on acting and I’m looking to drop a few songs soon.
Jude: I just signed with a great agent which has been amazing. I’m shooting a short film later this year, it’s a project I’m really excited to be a part of! But mainly it’s been great to get back into acting classes and keep growing.
Tega: Signing an acting/modeling deal.

What’s your favorite social media account (excluding @horace of course)?

Skepta: @mastiempolive – where you can keep up to date with everything from Mas Tiempo @sk.skope – here you can see the new trainers from my Puma collection and where to get them @tribalmark – where you can keep up to date with the feature film release
Divine: @TribalMark!
Jude: Besides Horace of course, I’d say mine: @judecarmichael_.
Tega: @clint419

Final words: Go see the short. It’s promising. It tells a story that needs to be heard and seen: how immigration to a white country shapes the life of non-white people.

‘Tribal Mark’ is now showing at selected cinemas.

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