Vitamin C + Glycolic Acid Serum

95,5% ingredients of natural origin


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What does it do?

This Vitamin C + Glycolic Acid Serum restores radiance to improve dull skin. Your skin looks better. It evens out your complexion. It gives you glowing and revitalised skin. Results are visible after 8 weeks.

How do I use it?

Every morning and/or evening, add 3 drops of the serum to your hand. Then apply onto clean, dry skin, massaging it into your face to penetrate the skin.

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Fragrance: Unscented

Good to know: Made in France, suitable for all skin types, silicone-free, mineral oil-free.

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Healthy Glow Duo

Why it's so good

Gives a healthy glow

Revives dull skin

Restores radiance

Brightens up the skin

Evens out the complexion

Makes the skin supple

How to use

1/ To use everyday, morning and/or night.
2/ Apply into clear and dry skin, before moisturising.
3/ Pour 3 drops in your hand, using the pipette, and massage the product into the skin.
4/ Apply your moisturiser without rinsing off the serum.
5/ Apply sunscreen before sun exposure.

My complete routine

1. Cleanse

Purifying Face Cleanser

2. Exfoliate

Gentle Face Scrub

3. Target

Vitamin C + Glycolic Acid Serum

4. Moisturise

Mattifying Face Moisturiser SPF30

5. Enhance

Healthy Glow Fluid

Tested and approved

Tested and approved

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95,5% of natural origin

Vitamin C
Glycolic Acid
White Tea Extract
Ginseng Flower


Mineral oil-free

(296 review(s))