Magnetic Soap Holder

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What does it do?

Our Magnetic Soap Holder lets you hang your solid bar up to dry. A solid bar that dries well is a solid bar that lasts! A solid bar that lasts is always a pleasure to use! This Magnetic Soap Holder will allow you to prevent your solid bars from becoming as soft as a sponge. And we know you don't like that.

How do I use it?

Press the metal hook into your solid bar. Adhere the suction cup to a clean, smooth, dry surface. Attach your solid bar to the holder, using the magnet. And that’s it!

Good to know: Made in France
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Normal to Oily Hair Solid Shampoo + Soap Holder

Why it's so good

Extends your product’s life span

Helps keep your product dry

May be attached to all surfaces

Compatible with all our solid products

How to use

1/ Press the metal piece into the centre of your solid bar.
2/ Attach the suction cup to a clean surface.
3/ Attach the solid bar to the suction cup.
How to use

Get the routine. Save money.

Normal to Oily Hair Solid Shampoo + Soap Holder
Dry to Very Dry Hair Solid Shampoo + Soap Holder
Gentle Anti-Dandruff Solid Shampoo + Soap Holder
Solid Purifying Face Cleanser + Soap Holder
(180 review(s))
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