Oil Control Duo

What do they do?

Perfect for oily skin, these two products work together to reduce excess sebum, reduce pore size and purify your skin. Your skin is clear, soothed and soft. The Tonic Lotion is to be used daily, the Purifying Face Mask once a week.

How to use them?

The Tonic Lotion is used every day after cleansing your skin. The Purifying Face Mask is used once a week for 15 minutes after cleansing your skin.

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Your selection includes:

  • Purifying Face Mask

    Purifying Face Mask


    This natural face mask purifies your skin, clears excess sebum and leaves your face clean and luminous.

  • Tonic Lotion

    Tonic Lotion


    This natural toner refreshes and soothes your skin, removing excess sebum and tightening pores.